Naples 12-15 July 2022

The 5th edition of the International Conference EWaS (Efficient Water Systems) – International Conference on “Water Security and Safety Management: emerging threats or new challenges? Moving from Therapy and Restoration to Prognosis and Prevention” was held in Naples on July 2022.

Among the main themes of the 2022 edition dedicated to the management of the safety of water supply sources, a large space was dedicated to the relationship between water security and food (Theme C Water – Energy – Food Nexus), within which DEMETRA DSS project has been presented.

The DEMETRA DSS project is committed to promoting a new approach to agriculture in areas at risk. The project focuses on ZVN, or Nitrate Vulnerability Zones, where the risk of compromising the final product with nitrate contamination is high.

The speech entitled “Demetra DSS: new technologies for the protection of water from nitrate pollution of agricultural origin” by Angelantonio Calabrese, Massimo Blanda, Laura Mandrelli, Erika Loi, Emanuele Barca, Giuseppe Pappagallo, Vito Buono, Michele Toriello, Erminio Efisio Riezzo is available on the Resources page.



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