Confcooperative leads the creation, recovery and transformation of single companies into a cooperative company. It offers a complete service to entrepreneurs (welcome, accompaniment during the activity, financing, training, exchanges between entrepreneurs and representation at public institutions, banking foundations, other business associations and trade unions).

Confcooperative Puglia associates over 1,400 cooperatives operating in various fields, such as agriculture, fishing and aquaculture, social, production and work, construction, culture and leisure, social health, consumption.

It is a territorial organization, part of CONFCOOPERATIVE, a legally recognized body, pursuant to art. 4 and 5 of the D.L.C.P.S. 14/12/1947, n. 1577, which was created with the aim of representing, assisting and protecting the cooperative movements and social enterprises in Italy.

Confcooperative Puglia main tasks involve:

  • Activities of protection and representation of associated cooperatives;
  • Promotion of the cooperative movement and the values ​​that animate it;
  • Technical, administrative, legislative, trade union and financial assistance for member cooperatives;
  • Supervision of member cooperatives through the audit tool.

activities and tasks


Task 3.2 – Identification and characterization of study areas

Task 3.3 – Sampling, analysis and consolidation of data

Task 3.4 – DSS development on regional scale

Task 3.5 – DSS for agronomic and document management 

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