You want to know more about the nitrate issue, but internet is teeming with fragmented sources, from which it is almost impossible to understand exactly what the PAN is, how the Puglia Region is acting and what are the techniques to be adopted to monitor the territory.  

For this reason, in the DEMETRA DSS project the CNR-IRSA, as the project scientific coordinator, develop a collection of scientific and institutional sources, official documents, bibliographies etc., and make them available to everyone!

Here are the 5 main sources of information to consult if you really want to know everything (absolutely everything!) you need to know about the nitrate issue in Puglia:

  • Report: what’s the PAN Puglia?  – Italian only – to learn more about the Nitrates Directive, the strategy of the Puglia Region and the designation of the NZVs

  • “Agricultural activity: usage and monitoring of nitrate from nutrients to microorganisms”to learn about the role of agriculture activities in the nitrate issue – coming soon
  • Report: methodologies for the identification of nitrate pollution from agriculture activitiesto learn more about the new contamination identification technique
  • Report: Puglia region and databases for territory characterization to know how the Apulian territory has been described from a scientific point of view for nitrate pollution monitoring purposes
  • Demetra DSS: Sampling guide – to find out which techniques have been selected for the sampling activities
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