Second sampling campaign for environmental monitoring of the DEMETRA DSS project at the Sempreverde company started today!


At the beginning of the new agricultural season, the CNR-IRSA team together with the Agris one returned on field to start the second sampling campaign for DEMETRA DSS (Task 3.3).

The sampling involved Sempreverde company with 9 sites distributed between two areas of Giovinazzo and Molfetta.

Sampling is a fundamental activity for environmental monitoring of DEMETRA DSS project, which includes:

  • chemical analysis of water (N, COD, salinity, pH, P, S, Total Hardness, Bicarbonates, Cl, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe);
  • biomolecular analysis, according to the protocols for microbial species;
  • chemical analysis (N, S, T, pH, C org., subst. org.)
  • biomolecular analysis of the soil, for the comparison between the two matrices and the elaboration of a chemical / microbial exchange model.

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