Task 3.2

sampling areas identification and characterization

Monitoring of nitrate concentrations in the groundwater will be carried out on specific areas and pilot farms, identified in Task 3.1. In fact, maps will be developed to identify the ‘critical’ areas on which to carry out the biomolecular study of groundwater (Task 3.3). Sampling sites will then be identified and specific ‘pilot farms’ and crops (representative of the reference areas) will be selected. Furthermore, the production systems will be characterized from an agronomic point of view (crops, wells, soil, agro-technical).


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New NZV designation in Puglia: what’s the situation?

New NZV designation in Puglia: what’s the situation?

The designation of NVZ has undergone several evolutions over the years, thanks to the new scientific tools available: let's discover together the situation in Puglia today! The first designation of the NVZ by the Puglia Region dates back to 2005: in response to...

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Wha’ts a Nitrogen Vulnerability Zone? Here’s what you need to know! (italian)

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