Task 3.5 DSS for agronomic and document management

A corporate DSS (based on Bluleaf® platform) will be developed and implemented for: i) accessing the regional DSS platform database (task 3.4) and consultation of PAN information data; ii) management of documentation required by the regulations and control procedures; iii) management of analytical data from wells and microbiological status of the waters; iv) access to the virtual “market” to encourage exchange of materials (eg livestock manure) according to the mandatory restrictions and / or prohibitions of the NAP.


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New NZV designation in Puglia: what’s the situation?

The designation of NVZ has undergone several evolutions over the years, thanks to the new scientific tools available: let's discover together the situation in Puglia today! The first designation of the NVZ by the Puglia Region dates back to 2005: in response to...

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CNR – IRSA – task leader 

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