Action Plan for Nitrate

Vulnerability Zones

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The Action Program for Nitrate Vulnerability Zones of the Puglia Region governs the agronomic use of nitrogen fertilizers in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones of agricultural origin, in implementation of the European Directive 91/676 / EEC (Nitrates Directive).

The Nitrates Directive is the first legislative instrument of the European community aimed at combating water and soil pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources.

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Cos’è il PAN Puglia? Tutto quello che devi sapere!

ZVN: cosa sono e cosa significa farne parte

Metodologie per l’identificazione di contaminazione da nitrati di origine agricola: perchè ricorrere alla tecnologia biomolecolare

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Nitrogen is fundamental to all living things, but nitrates in groundwater represent a serious health and environmental risk. Where do nitrates in groundwater come from and what is the role of a responsible agriculture to reduce contamination, starting from the...


2022 World Water Day is dedicated to groundwater and its preservation from over-usage and pollution due to agricultural activities. Water is one of the essential inorganic components for life whose  movement defines the so-called nutrient cycle. In addition, water as...

How to choose and characterize an experimental area

To ensure that the DEMETRA DSS solution is consistent with the problem of farmers in the ZVNs and institutions, an intense experimentation activity was carried on experimental areas: let's find out how an experimental area is chosen and characterized. PHASE 1:...

New NZV designation in Puglia: what’s the situation?

The designation of NVZ has undergone several evolutions over the years, thanks to the new scientific tools available: let's discover together the situation in Puglia today! The first designation of the NVZ by the Puglia Region dates back to 2005: in response to...

Leaching of nitrates: tools and strategy to avoid it

Nitrogen is not in absolute terms a risk factor or insurance for a good and healthy product: like other nutritional elements such as potassium or calcium, nitrogen, in correct quantities, is essential for health and success. of agricultural production (eg nitrogen...

Report: Puglia region and databases for territory characterization

Overall environmental and climatic context of the various areas of Puglia and how these cna impact on the levels of contamination risk, are described in the Report: Puglia and the databases for the informational characterization of the territory, by the CNR -IRSA.....

Report: what’s the PAN Puglia?

The Nitrate Action Plan (PAN) is the main tool made made available by European Community and the Italian Regions for addressing nitrate pollution issue that threatens our agriculture. The PAN defines strategies and actions able to fight pollutions and preventing it,...